Game with biggest playoff implication not shown on Triangle TV

packersbearsThere must be a New Orleans Saints fan deciding what games we see in the Triangle area or either someone overplays the Carolina Panthers division because there is no excuse that the Packers-Bears game wasn’t shown instead of the Saints-Buccaneers.

When questioned about their choices a few weeks ago, WRAL/WRAZ officials responded by saying, “we air games with potential playoff implications over games of regional interest.” Oh really? A few weeks ago, the station aired the Saints-Rams game even though the Saints were already in the playoffs and the Rams were already out. Meanwhile, we missed a Green Bay last-minute 37-36 victory over the Cowboys. Both those teams were still in contention for the playoffs going into this final week of the regular season.

This week we are subjected to the Saints-Buccaneers game which means nothing as the Saints are in the playoffs and the Bucs are way out. Granted, had the Panthers lost to the Falcons, the Saints would be playing for the division title. But much more important as far as playoff implications is a game where the winner wins the division and the loser is out of the playoffs. That’s the case with the Packers at Bears game, which someone thought wasn’t as important to us as the Saints-Bucs game.

By the way, the Saints crushed the Bucs as expected 42-17 while the Packers eliminated the Bears and won the division title with a last-seconds 33-28 victory. The beat goes on.

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