Do UNC’s NCAA title hopes rest on John Henson’s wrist?

Do UNC’s NCAA title hopes rest on John Henson’s wrist? In a word, probably. I say that because there could be other factors that could kill Carolina’s dream. Harrison Barnes needs to improve his field goal and free throw shooting. Tyler Zeller needs to stay out of foul trouble. James McAdoo or P.J. Hairston, both freshmen, need to finally break out and play consistently. And, everyone else needs to stay healthy too.

Henson’s wrist, injured in the Tar Heels first game of the ACC Tournament, surely hurt Carolina’s effort against Florida State. The Seminoles may very well have won anyway but you have to think that Henson provides a team with more than a net three points. In other words, the Tar Heels, losers by three points, probably would have won beaten FSU.

He not only needs to be healthy, he needs to play like he’s healthy, to help Carolina to a national championship.

So, do UNC’s NCAA title hopes rest on John Henson’s wrist? A columnist for Sporting News says the answer to that question is an emphatic “yes.”

David Steele writes, “If the Heels aren’t holding the trophy on the court in the SuperDome next month, whatever school is holding it ought to cut a check for part of its tournament money and send it to College Park. (Considering the budget problems that threaten eight varsity sports, the Maryland folks will welcome it.)

“The same domino effect that followed Henson’s injury this weekend could surely take place this week, or next, or the next. Who knows if North Carolina State comes as close as it does to beating North Carolina in the semifinal if Henson were healthy – and, thus, if N.C. State still gets into the field? Does Florida State win the final? Do the ‘Noles end up with a No. 3 seed?”

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