RailHawks double down in luring illegal aliens

First the Carolina RailHawks book a team from Mexico that they know will draw a large illegal alien crowd and now the RailHawks host a Latin Fest prior to Saturday’s game, complete with margaritas, beer, tacos and Latin music.

And what mixes well with illegal aliens, margaritas, beer, tacos and Latin music? Why, a youth soccer clinic of course.

The state government estimates that half of the Hispanics living in North Carolina are here illegally. Nearly all Hispanics who can’t speak English are here illegally. Yet the RailHawks have translated the information about the event into Spanish. At the game you are even liable to hear announcements promoting immigration services – sometimes perhaps even in the foreign language of Spanish.

In addition, several race-obsessed groups with political agendas are “promotional vendors” during the event.

What to do with the more than 11 million illegal aliens in our country is a divisive issue, especially now with controversial amnesty legislation being introduced in Congress. The RailHawks evidently feel emboldened to risk a public relations backlash from some citizens in order to make some cash. They have probably calculated correctly that most people won’t speak out about it publicly but I know they do privately with friends and acquaintances. Here is some recent polling information on where American citizens stand on the issue. http://cis.org/sites/default/files/poll-legalization-vs-enforcement.pdf

Let me be clear. Not all Hispanics are here illegally and not all Hispanics approve of those who have entered our country illegally or overstayed visas. Certainly you want to be inclusive and certainly those from diverse backgrounds who love soccer should be targeted. But if your business model is incumbent on luring people who are not supposed to be in the country, that’s not a good plan – especially for American citizens.

We have 20 million Americans out of work, mostly poor and undereducated, and they are competing with poor and undereducated illegal aliens. North Carolina has one of the highest unemployment rates in the country. We certainly don’t want to do anything to encourage more illegal immigrants to come to our area. This sort of business plan welcomes and encourages illegal immigrants to come to the Triangle area or stay here.

Yet we hear of many crimes being committed by illegal immigrants here – from sex crimes to murder, from drug charges to drunk driving deaths.

A 2011 study by the Government Accountability Office goes largely ignored as the elite, race-baiters and those trying to financially take advantage of the situation try to push amnesty for illegal immigrants. But the study shows that more than 25,000 illegal aliens are in our federal prisons alone charged with homicide. Another 70,000 illegal aliens in prison were charged with sex crimes. 82,000 stole vehicles. 115,000 committed burglaries. 95,000 were charged with weapon violations. 405,000 were charged with traffic violations, including drunk driving. And more than half a million were arrested on drug charges.

An estimated 500,000 illegal alien absconders, who have ignored orders from immigration judges to leave the country, are still in the United States, some in North Carolina and some certainly are soccer fans.

We can surely do the Kumbaya thing and ignore the facts but welcoming illegal aliens by encouraging them to attend this event is not a good idea, especially when mixed with alcohol and children.

To learn more about the game and pre-game party in order to decide if you’d feel comfortable going, please click here. The stadium is wonderful and the team is competitive. If you are politically for open borders and you don’t feel uncomfortable in that atmosphere, by all means go for it.

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