Criticism of RailHawks marketing to illegal immigrants strikes a chord

citizenshipApparently our questioning the wisdom of intentionally luring illegal aliens to Carolina Railhawks soccer games has struck a chord.

About the first third of a game article appearing in the Indy Weekly, which is said to proudly have a progressive, liberal political perspective, dealt with the subject and even provided a link to our story.

The writer bemoans the fact that only one RailHawks player speaks Spanish, and gasp, he’s “Anglo.” He writes, “… The fact that that lone Spanish speaker is also Anglo bespeaks the bedeviling conundrum of trying to attract soccer-mad Hispanics (legal status utterly irrelevant and insulting, Internet trolling notwithstanding) to lower-division American games.”

Once someone espouses that legal status doesn’t matter, they’ve lost most rational American citizens. What’s the purpose of a border or citizenship or the chants of USA, USA?

The writer further bemoans the fact that “mostly Anglos” attended the game and the Latin Fest event prior to the game. “… The members of the local Latin band Orquesta K’che, the costumed dancers, and the person wearing the Dora the Explorer mascot outfit sometimes appeared to outnumber the Hispanic patrons. Of course, such would be the case with trying to reflexively entice that American in Paris with the promise of cheese-covered Freedom fries and Budweiser.”

First of all, no one in France would attempt to entice Americans as the RailHawks tried by serving up Latin music, margaritas and tacos. It’s ironic that the writer uses the example of France, perhaps the most linguistically chauvinistic country in the world.

He mentions that the RailHawks set a club attendance record when Latino fans came out in droves to cheer a team from Mexico. (So, evidently it’s not soccer that the Latinos love so much, it’s their native country. Just what we need, more people in our country who love other countries or ways of life more.)

The writer discounts the mass Latino attendance for the Mexican team by saying “one would expect the same fervor from Americans in Paris if, say, the Los Angeles Lakers came to scrimmage Paris-Levallois Basket.”

First the French wouldn’t bring the Lakers to France to try to entertain Americans in France, particularly if the Americans were in France illegally to the tune of 11 million plus. Plenty of French natives would show up to see the Lakers anyway. And I highly doubt there would be announcements made in English during that game.

The best part of the Indy Week article was this, “Still, 3,761 patrons of sundry ethnicities gathered together Saturday at WakeMed Park, and while that attendance is three-quarters last week’s home opener, it exceeds all but four regular season home matches last season. What they enjoyed was a typical RailHawks-Strikers match: entertaining, fast-paced and lots of offensive.”

We are a country of sundry ethnicities so it should be the case that sundry ethnicities gather together. Thousands should attend local entertaining, fast-paced, offensive sporting events.

What is insulting is that illegal immigrants are purposely being targeted to attend the games. The problems associated with illegal immigration are vast and lawmakers on both sides of the aisle are working on ways to reduce those problems and stop any future influx of illegal immigrants. All I’m saying is we shouldn’t be enticing them to come and to stay.

A business model relying on illegal immigration is a bad business model – especially for Americans. It’s ironic that the same people who often criticize the drive for the almighty dollar see nothing wrong with the RailHawks drive for the almighty dollar when it suits their agenda.

PS – I’m not fond of being called an “Anglo.” It’s not really appropriate or accurate.

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