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Proctor Reportedly To Return For His Junior Season at Duke

Tyrese Proctor is going to be back for his junior season, according to ZagsBlog. A 6-5 point guard with exceptional defensive instincts, Proctor gives Duke and coach Jon Scheyer a reliable presence in the backcourt. We haven’t heard anything conclusive yet about Jared McCain or Caleb Foster’s plans yet, but this gives Duke a really solid starting point for the backcourt. Please click here for more.

How Duke basketball advanced in NCAA Tournament without Filipowski making a field goal

Duke basketball’s Kyle Filipowski didn’t offer his first field-goal attempt until the 4-minute mark of the first half. The All-American center didn’t take another shot. But the 7-foot, 247-pound sophomore was hardly invisible during No. 4 Duke’s gritty, 64-47 victory over No. 13 Vermont in the opening round of the NCAA Tournament. Please click here for more.

‘RJ, you f*cker, I wanna kill you’ – silence is deafening

Duke coach Jon Scheyer completely ignored water bottles and debris being thrown at players but pleaded for the same group of students to accept his apology for the performance of his team. The optics of this are horrible. What could be worse? Death threats without consequences. Some are saying the heckler says, “I’m gonna kill you” rather than “I wanna kill you.” Listen for yourself. Please click here for more.